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What Kind of Company Needs Fast & Flat Outsourced Marketing Services? 


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  • Starting Up

  • $990/mo
  • $1500/mo
    10 Credits /mo
    120 Credits /yr

    We can create a full range of marketing materials needed to open the doors. Our flat rate also makes it easier to project your start-up costs and our monthly subscription enables you to spread that flat cost across several months, giving you more runway for takeoff!


    • Logo
    • Business card
    • Social media setup & initial content
    • Website + SEO + online advertising
    • Sales video (2 min. + :15 pre-roll + :09 vine + :30 web intro)
    • Public relations

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  • Rapid Expansion

  • $2790/mo
  • $2,500/mo
    20 Credits /mo
    240 Credits /yr

    Developing a new product or service can often overwhelm existing company resources forcing companies to choose between assigning resources to existing business or new growth initiatives. Fast & Flat provides companies with the ‘flex’ to ramp up their marketing for new initiatives without pulling resources from existing business.


    • Sales video (2 min. + :15 pre-roll + :09 vine + :30 web intro)
    • Sales flyers/brochure
    • Website update
    • Social media content
    • Online advertising
    • Public relations

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  • Marketing Makeover

  • $4590/mo
  • $4,000/mo
    35 Credits /mo
    420 Credits /yr

    As a business grows, marketing sometimes gets left behind until one day you and realize it’s time for a serious makeover. The website is dated and doesn’t function on mobile devices. Social media is nonexistent. Video content hasn’t been revisited since the days of VHS. This marketing subscription is the perfect solution for an effective, rapid and cost efficient makeover.


    • Sales video (2 min. + :15 pre-roll + :09 vine + :30 web intro)
    • Sales flyers/brochures
    • All new website
    • Social media content
    • Online advertising
    • Public relations
    • Social media setup & initial content

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    We’re an integrated marketing services company that achieves breakthrough for great companies around the country. Located in America’s heartland, our clicks-and-mortar approach makes it super easy for companies anywhere to win more in their businesses. Fast & Flat marketing directors include international, big brand experience, and senior C-level marketing consultation when desired.


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