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Your business is like an engine with hundreds of moving parts, all of which need to continue running smoothly in order to continue pushing forward or, in this case, sustain business growth. Unfortunately, marketing efforts are often neglected from this group of moving parts and tossed aside to place greater focus on other “more important” areas of business.

While it is important to keep these parts moving, without a strong marketing plan and a team of experts to effectively execute said plan, growth will likely be minimal — if achieved at all.

Instead of placing your company’s marketing needs on the back burner, try outsourcing your marketing. Here are 3 reasons for a business to outsource their marketing needs.

You Lack Specific Marketing Technologies 
Gaining access to an integrated set of marketing technologies can be timely and expensive. A better solution is to outsource specific marketing functions to professionals who already have experience working with the latest leading-edge technology. With a sufficiently experienced outsourced marketing team, deploying new applications or subscribing to them in real-time can help simplify a once difficult financial decision.

Your Marketing Staff Is Overworked
During a high growth phase, it’s often faster and cheaper to outsource staff or processes. For instance, if you have more than 100 hours of marketing work that needs to be completed every week and only two people to take care of it all, it may be time to consider outsourcing your marketing to an outside firm — especially if at the moment you can’t afford to hire another full-time employee.

Whether you outsource full marketing campaigns, copywriting services, website programming and development services, SEO, SEM or just a simple brochure, outsourcing your marketing is often the best choice for businesses with limited staff and/or access to current marketing resources.

You Lack The Funds To Support An Internal Marketing Department
When you create an internal marketing department, you also create a lengthy list of avoidable business expenses. You need copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, brand managers, social media strategists, analysts, marketing coordinators and a marketing director to manage them all. And, with each new employee comes payroll expenses, insurance costs, social security fees, an increase in utilities and supplies, employee management processes, HR suits and the list goes on.

The majority of these expenses can be easily avoided by choosing to outsource your marketing department rather than host one internally. In fact, fixed costs in people, systems and facilities often account for the largest portion of a marketing budget.

The decision to outsource your marketing can be both strategic and tactical. By outsourcing your marketing to a trusted company that encompasses all of these elements and more, you can focus on strategic planning, growing your team and building your business — while the experts handle your marketing needs.