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What services are available?

  • A key advantage of Fast & Flat is that we employ specialists across a huge range of marketing activities, these are not freelancers who come and go. Combined with the speed and efficiency of using online tools, your outsourced marketing team can deliver services from graphic artist, copywriter, website developer, videographer, social media specialist, online media specialist and more.
  • Each service in the Fast & Flat menu requires a set amount of credits for the normal completion of the project.
  • Once initiated, material changes to the scope and content of a project may incur additional credits. You will be notified of this and the amount prior to initiating the changes.
  • If you are looking for services or custom projects not included on the Fast & Flat services menu, please discuss a custom engagement with your Marketing Director.

How does a Fast & Flat subscription and credits work?

  • Each month your credit card will ‘recharge’ with the number of credits included in your subscription. The minimum subscription is 10 credits or $900 per month.
  • As you start projects, your account will be charged with the full amount of credits for that project.
  • Credits not used each month automatically roll-over to the next month and do not expire.
  • Additional credits may be purchased at $90 each to initiate more projects if the balance is too low to cover additional projects.
  • Subscription can be canceled at any time and unused credits credited back to the customer.

At what speed will you and your marketing director work?

  • Move at the pace of your business. Entrepreneurial companies across the U.S pivot all the time. We’re used to it.
  • Communicate with your Marketing Director using our online project management software (Basecamp) to review work, or via chat, text, email or phone.